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Agency, partnerships, and LLCs
Agency, partnerships, and LLCs
Kleinberger, Daniel S., 1950- author.
Fifth edition.
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xliii, 707 pages ; 26 cm
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Note on the ULC Harmonization Project -- Introductory concepts in the law of agency -- Binding principals to third parties (and vice versa) in contract and through information -- Binding the principal in tort -- Duties and obligations of agents and principals to each other and to third parties -- Termination of the agency relationship -- Distinguishing agency from other relationships -- Introductory concepts in the law of general partnerships -- Financial aspects of a partnership (creation and operation) -- Management issues and fiduciary duties -- The partner's right and power to bind the partnership -- Partner dissociation and partnership dissolution -- Limited partnerships -- Introductory concepts in the history and law of limited liability companies, LLPs, and LLLPs -- Creating the LLC -- LLC governance and finance, member exit rights -- Consequences of the churkendoose : unique issues of LLC law -- Limited liability partnerships and limited liability limited partnerships.