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The Cambridge handbook of surveillance law
The Cambridge handbook of surveillance law
Gray, David C., editor.
Physical Description:
xv, 770 pages : illustrations, maps ; 27 cm
NSA surveillance in the War on Terror / Rachel Levinson-Waldman -- Location tracking / Stephanie K. Pell -- Terrorist watchlists / Jeffrey Kahn -- "Incidental" foreign intelligence surveillance and the Fourth Amendment / Jennifer Daskal & Stephen I. Vladeck -- Biometric surveillance and big data governance / Margaret Hu -- Fusion centers / Thomas Nolan -- Big data surveillance : the convergence of big data and law enforcement / Andrew Guthrie Ferguson -- The Internet of things and self-surveillance systems / Steven I. Friedland -- Balancing privacy and public safety in the post-Snowden era / Jason M. Weinstein, R. Taj Moore & Nicholas P. Silverman -- Obama's mixed legacy on cybersecurity, surveillance, and surveillance reform / Timothy Edgar -- Local law enforcement video surveillance : rules, technology, and legal implications / Marc J. Blitz -- The surveillance implications of efforts to combat cyber harassment / Danielle Keats Citron & Liz Clark Rinehart -- The case for surveillance / Lawrence Rosenthal -- "Going dark" : encryption, privacy, liberty, and security in the "golden age of surveillance" / Geoffrey S. Corn & Dru Brenner-Beck -- Business responses to surveillance / Lothar Determann -- Seeing, seizing, and searching like a state : constitutional developments from the seventeenth century to the end of the nineteenth century / Mark A. Graber -- An eerie feeling of déjà vu : from Soviet snitches to angry birds / Alex Kozinski & Mihailis E. Diamantis -- The impact of online surveillance on behavior / Alex Marthews & Catherine Tucker -- Surveillance vs. privacy : effects and implications / Julie E. Cohen -- Intellectual and social freedom / Margot E. Kaminski -- The surveillance regulation toolkit : thinking beyond probable cause / Paul Ohm -- European human rights, criminal surveillance, and intelligence surveillance : towards "good enough" oversight, preferably but not necessarily by judges / Gianclaudio Malgieri & Paul de Hert -- Lessons from the history of national security surveillance / Elizabeth Goitein, Faiza Patel, & Fritz Schwarz -- Regulating surveillance through litigation : some thoughts from the trenches / Mark Rumold -- Legislative regulation of government surveillance / Christopher Slobogin -- California's Electronic Communications Privacy Act (CALECPA) : a case study in legislative regulation of surveillance / Susan Freiwald -- Surveillance in the European Union / Cristina Blasi Casagran -- Mutual legal assistance in the digital age / Andrew Keane Woods -- The Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board / David Medine & Esteban Morin -- FTC regulation of cybersecurity and surveillance / Chris Jay Hoofnagle -- The federal communications commission as privacy regulator / Travis Leblanc & Lindsay Defrancesco.