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The rights of the accused : the justices and criminal justice
Hall, Kermit L., 1944-2006.
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New York : Garland Pub., 2000.
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viii, 420 p. ; 24 cm.
The Supreme Court in American society ; 10

The Supreme Court in American society ; 10.
Third-party consent searches, the Supreme Court, and the Fourth Amendment / Sharon E. Abrams -- The judicial quest for penal justice : the Warren Court and the criminal cases / Francis A. Allen -- Mens rea, due process, and the Supreme Court : toward a constitutional doctrine of substantive criminal law / C. Peter Erlinder -- "The potent, the omnipresent teacher" : the Supreme Court and wiretapping / B.J. George, Jr. -- Has the Supreme Court "wrench[ed] the Sixth Amendment from its proper context?" / Jennifer L. Hurley -- McCleskey v. Kemp : rade, capital punishment, and the Supreme Court / Randall L. Kennedy -- Racial jurymandering : cancer or cure? : a contemporary review of affirmative action in jury selection / Nancy J. King -- New rights and old wrongs : the Supreme Court and the problem of retroactivity / Ralph A. Rossum -- Supreme Court Justices as human decision makers : an individual-level analysis of the search and seizure cases / Jeffrey A. Segal -- The road to Mapp v. Ohio and beyond : the origins, development and future of the exclusionary rule in search-and-seizure cases / Potter Stewart -- Terry, race, and judicial integrity : the Court and suppression during the war on drugs / Jack B. Weinstein and Mae C. Quinn.