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The Burger Court : political and judicial profiles
The Burger Court : political and judicial profiles
Lamb, Charles M.

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Urbana : University of Illinois Press, c1991.
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x, 513 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
The political and historical context of the Burger Court / Charles M. Lamb and Stephen C. Halpern -- Justice Hugo L. Black : the enduring effort to realize law over judicial discretion / Howard Ball -- Justice Harry A. Blackmun : transformation from "Minnesota Twin" to independent voice / Stephen L. Wasby -- Justice William J. Brennan, Jr. : policy-making in the judicial thicket / Stanley H. Friedelbaum -- Chief Justice Warren E. Burger : a conservative chief for conservative times / Charles M. Lamb -- Justice William O. Douglas : conscience of the court / Phillip J. Cooper -- Justice John Marshall Harlan : Non sub Homine ... / Wallace Mendelson -- Justice Thurgood Marshall : the race for equal justice / William J. Daniels -- Justice Sandra Day O'Connor : transition to a Republican court agenda / Beverly B. Cook -- Justice Lewis F. Powell, Jr. : balance wheel of the court / Jacob W. Landynski -- Justice William H. Rehnquist : right-wing ideologue or majoritarian Democrat? / Sue Davis.

(cont.) Justice John Paul Stevens : the lone ranger in a black robe / Bradley C. Canon -- Justice Potter Stewart : decisional patterns in search of doctrinal moorings / Tinsley E. Yarbrough -- Justice Byron R. White : good friend to polity and solon / Daniel C. Kramer -- The Burger Court and beyond / Charles M. Lamb and Stephen C. Halpern.
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Gift - John D. Fassett.